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Welcome to my website, which is filled with a wealth of resources, research, valuable information and experienced advice, from an industry veteran to guide you through the maze of hair loss.  My website will enable you to get educated swiftly and safely, enabling you to make the most appropriate and informed decision for YOU.

My name is Spencer or “Spex”, as I’m known within the global online forum community. Over the last 10 years, I’ve supported thousands of hair loss sufferers with their individual concerns and anxieties whilst advising them on what can effectively help beat the curse of hair loss and how to best restore lost hair via hair restoration correctly. Be warned, the hair loss industry preys on your vulnerability and isolation. I fell prey to the hands of this brutal place and my own journey was unfortunately very long, emotional and tremendously tiresome. My sole intention and purpose is to educate and inform you of what is actually available now to you, whilst keeping you safe and support you to take action in the most appropriate way for you.

If you are considering treating your hair loss via medication or hair restoration surgery, you will most certainly find the most effective proven methods to facilitate your goals of minimising your hair loss and maximising potential hair growth here.  The first thing you should consider doing is downloading my FREE report ‘The Follicular Fight’. Simply enter your name and email on the right hand side and you will receive my helpful report straight away.


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Why Trust me?

I have overcome and dealt with my own personal hair loss over a period of 10+ years, and have gone through the arduous pain of trial and error with many unsuccessful treatments and procedures, so I know what works and what doesn’t connect with my story here

You Are Not Alone

I know how lonely and depressing losing your hair is, that’s why I have created this site so I can share the absolute best way to help you in your own personal hair loss journey and I can help guide you along the way. Use my site and feel free to contact me as I’m here to help.

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